Your business is unique. Our professional designing services keeps the goal in mind and let your target audience know that how you are unique from your competitors in Sri Lanka. Our dedicated designers use their creativity, knowledge and years of experience to deliver the best design that meet all your design requirements. We create every kind of graphic design to keep you ahead of competition and improve your reach.


Why You Should Choose Us for Your Graphic Design in Sri Lanka

graphic designing sri lanka

Unique Designs

There is no templates are used, the design we make is unique for you.
graphic design sri lanka

Memorable Graphics

When we design something it will eye-catching to your audience.
graphic designers in sri lanka

Blend with Your Style

Our designs for you will blend with your company style and colors.
sri lanka design

Preview Before Pay

It’s hard to trust that’s why we will show preview before pay.
graphic designer sri lanka

Edits and Revisions

We offer changes to your designs to make satisfied about your design.
graphic designers in sri lanka

Competitive Prices

We don’t charge premium prices and we will work with your budget.
logo design service in sri lanka


As a best design logo company in Sri Lanka, Lanka Lion Marketing knows that Logos have an immense branding and visual representation power. It almost works as a amadassor of the business, explaining what the business is about, primary goals and what they represents.

Through our logo design services in Sri Lanka, we create unique and successful branding for all our clients (eg: travel logo), creating a business identity by implementing unique and creative logo design ideas.

banner design

These are the designs which a visitor will see when they load your website in the top part and it can be either a static banner header or be part of a sliding slider. These usually used to help user to understand what the site is about or focus their attention towards specific event or resource.

When we design banner and headers (eg: hotel banner) for Lanka companies we will make sure it’s eye catching, quick to the point and contains a highly optimized CTA action.

Poster Design


These are posters which are used through out Sri Lanka to spread the message locally. It can be advertisement poster, election poster, funeral poster or promotion offer.

We will provide appropriate service according to the occasions and we will also adjust our design to suit the printing and cost requirements you might have. We also have printing partners in the event you want to get the design printed once you are satisfied.

business card


Business card is also widely known as “Visiting Card” which is used display your corporate and personal details and shared among the potential business stake holders.

These are small cards but we know how to utilize this space to it’s full potential to make it reflect your organizational style and also make sure that details listed on the card are clearly visible and memorable. We designs both one side and double sided business cards with the printing requirements in mind.

calender design


We all know it’s a tradition in our country to do customized calender to business’s special customers during new year or special occasions. Some may look for a personalized calendar rather than using a generic or third party item.

This is the reason we offer personalized calender header design to suit your needs and also give a unique look to space where you will be hanging it.

Packaging and Labeling


Are you looking for a eye catching and professional packaging and labeling design for your product and services. When you’re in a supermarket it does matter the quality of the product because the first thing which will caught your potential customers is the look of the product.

We create product and services cover which are professional but intriguing with the local Sri Lanka touch or international touch eg: tea packaging design.

Stationery and Misc


These graphic designs are getting popular by each day because business will love to incorporate their branding into accessories such mug, boxes, pens, stickers and etc. However normal graphics will not look professional in these items.

This is the reason designs need to adjusted and updated to look best on the items and we will do it for you to make your business mark.

letter head print design


We all know when comes to professional written communication within or outside the organization a paper with your branding will make your communication look more official than a empty white paper.

We provide branding the documents and sheets with your custom graphics based on your preferences and information requirements. We even can make templates if you want to use it in different documents.

book design cover


You know that most of the time the book is judged by the cover and also with thousands of books in the market, the book cover plays huge part in getting noticed. So does not matter if you are a business or individual and even if you write an awesome book you will need to have attractive cover to attract your audience.

We design hardbook cover, softbook cover, book leaflet, inside cover page, ebook cover, kindle and etc. according to your style and we even can use commercial free stock images if you can’t pay for stock.

banner designs


These different sizes of banner ads use to advertise your service or business on Internet through through websites, blogs or ad networks. These will placed varies places such as sidebar, footer, headers, in-content, responsive, popup and full width.

We are expert in this field and our popular orders are for Google Adwords to display their banners in sites and in YouTube. These will highly optimized for CTA, readability and attention.

offline advertisments


These are advertisement banners you use locally in Sri Lanka. It can anything from store sign, sign-age, billboards, cutout, standing signs, expo stands, bus advertisements, stall designs and etc. Usually these will be very big in size and need to design according the printing requirements.

We will work with you in this to identify the right design for you such as premium style, minimal style, traditional style and etc. These advertisements will define you in the places it stands.

social cover design


Did you know that social media is equally popular as search engines in Sri Lanka? search engine shows only text in results but social media gives more options to represent you such as profile image, header cover, channel background and etc.

Eye catching and exciting graphics is must requirements to have active profiles on social networks. So in Lanka Lion Marketing we aim to do just that for you.

invitation cover design


Are you planning to host event for your personal function or business event then you need to make it elegant and provide all the details in attractive yet unique manner. We specialize in wedding invitation, birthday invitation, business meetings, expos, conference and etc.

Contact us to get your own invitation designed for any event you wish, simply lets know your requirements and we will work our magic.

lanka flyer designing


Flyers are crucial in promoting your brand name, products and services in Sri Lanka. We know the right way for creating captivating and highly professional flyer or e-flyer design that can bring you massive targeted results.

Flyer is not your average poster or banner but it’s highly quality promotional material which will define and shows the quality of your business.

t-shirt style and design


T-shirt designing is symbol of your organizational power and unity. Unique, fun and exciting designs will improve your brand recognition and also will provide more exposure to your business, organization and personal.

Now with us get your own personalized t-shirt, cap, shirt and shorts design to promote your business and service in your local area.

greeting cards on occasions


Are you tired of generic or off the shelf cards for special occasions? Are you looking to get a personalized card for your special friend or are you look incorporate your organizational identity into into card and give it your employees and customers in Sri Lanka.

Our frequent greeting cards orders include Vesak cards, birthday cards, Christmas & new year cards, Thank you cards, business wishes card and etc.

presentation cover style


You will agree with me when I say that no one wants to see a presentation side with white background and blocks of texts. So we offer presentation services and these are graphic elements which either used in to explain or added to improve the visual in your presentation.

Our popular demand is for PowerPoint presentation and we get orders from business to impress their stake holders and scholars to add value to their work by provide relevant graphics.

Brochure covers


A brochure is the best way to communicate company information, its objectives with imagination in an appealing manner. A perfect brochure design helps in increasing the organization’s experience.

As the best brochure design company, Lanka Lion Marketing has the mastery in designing the best brochure design templates (including medical, travel, tourist, healthcare, educational, etc.), flyers, e-brochures and business folders.

info graphics style design


One of the best ways to communicate effectively is with your info-graphics. We can help educators, local businesses, corporate executives, statisticians and technical writers combine the visual impact of data presentations, maps and signs in one compelling graphic that is precise and clear.

Our expert designers synthesize dense information and transform it into engaging graphical stories, ones your audience retain in seconds.

photo re touch services in sri lanka


Are you looking for professional photo retouching services for both your business and personal needs? A photo can say hundred stories but a retouched photos can say thousand more stories.

Our experts have years of experience in premier photo manipulation software such Adobe photo shop, light room, illustrator and some our own exclusive softwares to cater to your needs.

wepage psd design


Do you already have team of developer or interested in coding the website your self but looking for website design which you can use to code?

This is called “WebPage PSD” where create full website visually in Photoshop and have varies layers for different elements and coder can take these elements and do the technical work to make it fully functioning website.

graphic design improvement and upgrade


This a common request we receive because there is high possibility that you have already graphic design now or years ago but you’re not happy with it or looking to update, However you don’t want a completely new look.

When we receive these requests we update your design so any one who see will see it’s modified revision rather than a completely new one and it will more stunning.

custom art work


We tried to list the usual graphic works we receive but occasionally we also tend to receive unique or never hear of graphic work and if you have something like that then contact as to discuss further to see whether we will able to do it.

Please use the “Contact Button” listed here to talk to us.

What Good Graphic Design Can Do For Your in Sri Lanka?

Brand Recognition:

The brand of the company starts with it’s graphics and it does not matter the industry you function the graphic represents and identify you in the market filled with hundreds of competitors. We will work on designs to make you distinct.

Improve Communication:

We know that text provide helps you to have clear communication but we want the same to be true in graphics because unlike in the text the artwork must visually communicate to your target audience.

More Profits and Reach:

Have ever considered why newer models when the existing models are perfect that is to earn profits each year and if you stayed static you will likely to become obsolete soon. So graphics works same way exciting and effective graphics will bring more money to your pocket.

Improve Productivity and Satisfaction:

We all change or get new techology every year or month and the main reason for this change brings more productivity in your life. So get new and exiting graphics to bring you satisfaction in your business and with it’s stakeholders.

Lanka Lion Marketing’s design experts are the best graphic designers for your company in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Providing professional and affordable freelance designs. With the emergence of new technology increases the competitive opportunities and which is challenging to local businesses in Sri Lanka and using right graphic design will offer a completive advantage for you.

We are highly qualified in Graphic designing with vast knowledge and years of experience, we use these to provide unique and professional service to you. Before starting any design work we go through a strict procedure to understand history, requirements, budget, choices, suggestions, business goals, competitor analysis, market analysis to provide the graphic artwork for you in Sri Lanka. We believe in collaborative working partnership where our designers will closely working you by taking into account your ideas, suggestions and etc. to create design which will satisfying for both you and us.

We specialize in market standard tools such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Page Maker, Lightroom, Flash, Illustrator and etc. to create your graphics. If you are looking for top design work in Sri Lanka or enhance your personal or company’s standing in the market then you have come to the right place. We as a pro design company in Sri Lanka employs the utilization of effective visual aids and process methodologies to effectively capture the attention of target audience. So come to use for your design need and we guarantee you will be making the right decision.

Why Select Lanka Lion Marketing Colombo, Sri Lanka for Your Design

If you looking for reason why you should choose then the ultimate reasons are we provide preview before pay and our designers are dedicated. Our designers always looks into new designing tricks and innovations in their design to make you stand-out in rest of the competition. We are always adapting so we always at the top of our game.

Our graphic design company Sri Lanka mix professionalism with creativeness to our each project. We don’t use templates or sample style for all the clients because each client is unique and the deserve a unique design made especially for them. Normally we also provide multiple version so you are not restricted to one version but instead you can choose one.

One of the important quality of our designers are that they are ready to criticism. We know receive any dissatisfaction professional and get the helpful information from it and apply it the designing process to make the graphic suitable for you. So overall criticism motivates us to even more to deliver the perfect design for you. Contact Us today to get hire us as your best graphic designers in Sri Lanka.

Who has the right to my files once the project is over?

Until full payments for designs are settled the rights will with Lanka Lion Marketing and Alston Antony and once it’s paid the license will transfered to the client.

Note: the artwork and design elements of each project are only licensed for the work that was originally designed. To use them elsewhere could cause licensing issues so provide clear information on how the design is going to used to avoid any potential issues.

How much will graphic design cost?

It’s impossible to say how much your graphic design services will cost. Every graphic design project that we undertake is unique and customized to the client’s needs and specifications, so costs will vary based on the project type, requirements and scope.

How long will it take to complete graphic design projects?

Again, time duration to completion vary widely depending on the project however if you want it quickly there may extra charge since we may have to work overtime or dedicate more resources to your project. We will try to a quality job and within adequate duration.

What kind of graphic design services do you provide?

Our full list of services we offer is listed above and if you have additional custom work which is not listed also you can contact us and we will check the feasibility of the project and get back to you.

Can you provide printing services too?

Yes, we can provide printing services through our outsourced partners who are professional as us.

There is no delivery cost within Colombo however if you outside Colombo then there is a shipping cost and if you’re international customer then you will have to pay for shipping and postage too.

Can you explain what does preview before pay means?

This means unlike most other services first we will show a preview with watermark and if you like our design direction then you can pay to see unrestricted version.

This will help to build trust in our services and also we are confident in our talents.

Will you able to update our existing graphics?

Believe it or this is one of the common graphic request we receive. Our designers love breathing new life into materials that have run their course and they will best help you achieve your desired goal.

Do I need to provide you with images?

The answer is no because we fill find it for you and according to preference we either can use free or paid commercial free images (paid ones will be higher quality and also will provide more choices).

However if you want to use some your images then we will gladly use in your graphic artwork but make sure your licensed to use those images to avoid potential issues in the future.

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