5th World Congress on Virology

Start date: July 25, 2019

End date: July 26, 2019

Location: Rome, Italy

Virology 2019 welcomes delegates from all around the world to attend “5th World Congress on Virology” a conference organized by PULSUS group which will be held on July 25-26, 2019 at Rome, Italy. Rome is a major city located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula with an estimated population of 2,318,895, making it the 1st largest city in the Ital.

We are delighted to invite attendees, presenters, researchers, students and exhibitors to register and attend the conference to share your ideas as well as gain a greater insight into the current research trends in this topic.

Why attend

Virology is one of the rapidly emerging fields of biotechnology and microbiology which deals with the study of viruses and viral infections. Viruses are responsible for a variety of infections and diseases. Some of the viral infections are deadly and life-threatening.

A study shows that viruses are also capable of inducing tumors. However, recent research on virology has led to the development of antivirals and vaccines to treat and to prevent the infections. This indicates that the world of virologists should be updated every day.

Who should attend?

  • Biotechnologists
  • Virologists
  • Microbiologists


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