5th International Conference on Enzymology and Protein Chemistry

Start date: February 28, 2019

End date: March 1, 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

“5th International Conference on Enzymology & Protein Chemistry” during February 28-March 01, 2019 at Berlin, Germany. This is an excellent opportunity for the delegates from Universities and Institutes to interact with the world class Scientists. The conference revolves around the theme – “Recent Advancements and Future Prospects in Enzymology and Protein Chemistry”.

The broad subject coverage of the Conference and its size provide an excellent setting for participants to gain valuable insight into progress in research areas beyond their own. In addition a range of special sessions aims to engage participants on broader issues such as teaching in the enzymology and molecular biology research.

The Enzymology Conference has a strong emphasis on support and inspiration for the next generation of scientists, along with early-career researchers, a Young Researchers Forum, and activities to encourage interaction with peers and experts.

Altogether this conference aims to be an extraordinary cross discipline gathering in the enzymology life sciences for research presentations, discussions, learnings, inspirations and encouragement with participants leaving with new research knowledge and ideas, and perhaps the beginnings of international collaborations and associations.

Why to ATTEND?

Meet your target market with recent business reports on Enzymology making news which manifests the tremendous growth in market value for enzymology technology till 2019. Since enzymology interrelated with omics sciences like Genomics, precision Medicine, Proteomics, Lipidomics, Fluxomics and Transcriptomics, it would be a great opportunity for companies dealing with Analytical instruments useful in these fields.

Also many upcoming students and researchers can benefit themselves by participating world class International workshops, symposia during the conference which will be conducted by experts in the respective fields.


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